How I Created a Geocities-Inspired Website for My Dog (And Why You Should Too)

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Picture the early 2000s internet: An abstract background sprawling with animated GIFs and words zooming from side to side in a marquee.

This was GeoCities.

It may seem like a distant dream from another timeline, but these were the building blocks of todays online world.

In my ever expanding quest for web inspiration, I stumbled upon a couple gems. First a Geocities-inspired website then a tribute website for dogs.

On the Internet Everybody Knows You had a Dog (

They held my attention for an incalculable amount of time, sparking creative revelation.

I knew, in that moment, that I had to capture a touch of this retro magic.

And thus, Moe’s space was created.

Moes Space | (

How I created a Geocities-Inspired Website for My Dog

  1. Address — I created the subdomain to separate it from my personal website with no extra cost. I recommend you go this route if you already have a website, but you could use a page or buy a domain instead.
  2. Design — I came up with a simple layout, starting with the top of the fold, and moving down from there. A checklist of all features and requirements is helpful to have on hand for this part.
  3. Tools — I used the WordPress theme Divi to implement the design since I’m comfortable with it and my divi license includes unlimited websites. Use the tools you’re most comfortable with.
  4. Game — After creating a basic website layout, I created a small HTML matching game called Moe Mystery. I will make an article on that process soon. You can play the game Moe’s website, or
  5. Gifs — To add a little salt & pepper to the site I used authentic Geocities GIFs from GifCities.
First week of traffic



Why you should create a Retro website for your dog too

Now, you might be wondering why bring back the GeoCities vibe and make a website for your dog. Here’s why:

  • Unleash Creativity — Making a dog website lets you get creative with colours and layouts outside traditional design.
  • Retro Charm in the Modern Era — It’s like a fun throwback to early internet. Plus, with modern analytics tools, you can see who’s visiting and how they’re enjoying your dog’s online space.
  • Celebrate Your Dog — Your dog is part of the family. A dedicated website lets you celebrate their unique personality, share their adventures, and create a digital memory lane. You can also seamlessly link it to your dog’s Instagram.
  • Community Connection — Connect with others who share a love for websites and pets, exchange tips, and maybe even make friends online.
Cameron’s World (


Whether you’re a web developer or simply a dog enthusiast, creating a website for your dog is a celebration. Seamlessly blending Retro Charm in the Modern Era.

As you hit publish, watch your dog’s website becomes a unique corner of the internet.

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